This season, the brand invites you to step inside a univers where city, sport and outdoor inspirations are mixed. The casual collection is intented to be comfortable : duffle and sport fabrics are twisted toward a city modern chic style. The brand adapt itself to new trends and make a good use of Jacquard which is worked in different ways and which will give more character to your children’s outfits. The dressy collection offers you chic fabrics for girls with printed satin and iridescent jersey as well as well-designed shirts and refined materials for boys.
For boys, winter will be navy, ecru, camel and red. The smallest ones will play with « animal » visuals : dog wearing glasses, panda biker and colorized bear. For their part the kids will take the road toward comics, rugby or outdoor universe.
For girls, winter will be navy, red, ecru and pink. Fine and refined visuals, embroidered applications and shiny silkscreen printings will know how to delight the smallest as well as the oldest ones.
A comfortable and cool collection with always a chic and refined connotation specific to Jean Bourget.