Discover our three collections for Spring Summer 2019.


This chic theme revolves around a refined curiosity cabinet. For boys, shades of blue matched with a sandy and khaki hues set a natural tone. For suits, there are two visions : one is more elegant but bright, and the other comes in a linen blend for more everyday chic. For girls, nature’s precious treasures are accentuated by a soft range of delicate fabrics and transparent details. Gold and silver blend harmoniously, adding a feminine touch to the looks.


The summer season starts by going back to our roots with a prehistoric backdrop of dinosaurs and volcanoes for the boys. A lot of chic and comfortable stitching worked with inside-out details and primary colours is revisited in patina colours. The girls’ collection plays with shades of pink and red, from papaya to Morello cherry, with a graphic floral printed voile and a dyed yarn bayadère stripe. Fresh and very feminine visuals create the looks.


It’s the height of summer : an elegant Saharan atmosphere inspired by craftmanship with light, natural materials in a rustic chic spirit. The range features a mix of warm washed tones and bright colours. For girls, this translates into embroidery with a handmade feel, a multicoloured print on a dark-blue background and visuals full a authenticity and exotism. The boys’visuals are evocative of desert expeditions and travels. A monochrome print on jersey gives it a holiday look.