Now you can stay chic, and warm, all winter long !

Wrapped up in all those fleecy layers, it’s sometimes difficult to combine style and comfort. We’ve found you the perfect outfit for the start of winter, it’s bang up-to-date with a sixties vibe!

We start with a skirt teamed with opaque or woollen tights to help beat the cold. The skater style hem lends a typically vintage touch, while the honeycomb polka dot motif livens up the look. The light-catching fabric and volume of the skirt accentuate the gently shimmering hues that undergo subtle changes with every step. On top, we’ve opted for an orange cardigan to recall the skirt’s polka dot motif. Wear it closed underneath a faux-fur jacket. Once again it matches the colour of the skirt and boosts the sixties feel of the outfit. The top’s cut needs to be quite graphical, as here with the round collar and straight lines, to contrast with the volume of the skirt.

For the feet, lace-up tennis shoes in a colour complementing the rest of the outfit add the vital sportswear touch!